White Township Consolidated School District
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Faculty and Staff 

PreK - Grade 2 

Faculty Name
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Mrs. Lisa Rosano rosano@whitetwpsd.org 338
Mrs. Krista Schaarschmidt schaarschmidt@whitetwpsd.org 327
Mrs. Cathleen Gerkhardt gerkhardt@ whitetwpsd.org 336
Mrs. Michele Laubach laubach@whitetwpsd.org 341
Miss Melissa Barofski barofski@whitetwpsd.org 301
Mrs. Susan Marsh marsh@whitetwpsd.org 317
Mrs. Debra Biggs biggs@whitetwpsd.org 329
Mrs. Alison Walsh walsh@whitetwpsd.org 324

Grade 3 - Grade 5

Faculty Name
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Email Addresses
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Voice Mail #
Mrs. Katherine Williams williams@whitetwpsd.org 307
Ms. Crystal Garvey garvey@whitetwpsd.org 311
Mrs. Sherry Bellfy bellfy@whitetwpsd.org 305
Mrs. Stephanie Bolen bolen@whitetwpsd.org 339
Mr. Anthony DeCesare decesare@whitetwpsd.org 330
Mrs. Amy Stumpe stumpe@whitetwpsd.org 325
Mrs. Erika Puskas puskas@whitetwpsd.org 342
Mr. Gary Hutchison hutchison@whitetwpsd.org 313
Mrs. Bernadette Sissick sissick@whitetwpsd.org 334
Mrs. Rebecca Dionne dionne@whitetwpsd.org 331
Mrs. Cassandra Baker baker@whitetwpsd.org 321

Grade 6 - Grade 8

Faculty Name
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Email Addresses
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Voice Mail #
Mrs. Nancy Wheatley wheatley@whitetwpsd.org 335
Mrs. Allyson Evans evans@whitetwpsd.org 319
Mr. Henry Skirbst skirbst@whitetwpsd.org 322
Mr. Eric Fraunfelter fraunfelter@whitetwpsd.org 308
Mr. Tadgh LaBar labar@whitetwpsd.org 316
Mrs. Deirdre Mulligan mulligan@whitetwpsd.org 314
Mr. Erik Hawk hawk@whitetwpsd.org 332
Mrs. Kelly Grater grater@whitetwpsd.org 310


Specialist and Other Staff

Faculty Name
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Class Email Addresses
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Mrs. Dawn  Werkheiser Technology dmm@whitetwpsd.org 318
Mr. Rich Fischl World Language fischl@whitetwpsd.org 306
Mr. Anthony Marinelli Media Specialist marinelli@whitetwpsd.org 345
Ms. Kenna Pearson Art pearson@whitetwpsd.org 328
Mr. Stewart Quinn Physical Education squinn@whitetwpsd.org  312
Mrs. Margaret Sheneman Music sheneman@whitetwpsd.org  309
Mrs. Melinda Kline Instrumental Music kline@whitetwpsd.org 309
Mrs. Justine Mahon School Nurse mahon@whitetwpsd.org 340
Mrs. Stephanie Quinn Guidance Counselor quinn@whitetwpd.org 320
Mrs. Marlene Saraiva School Psychologist saraiva@whitetwpsd.org 348
Mrs. Dorothy Buel Social Worker buel@whitetwpsd.org 346
Mrs. Michelle Rivera LDTC rivera@whitetwpsd.org 347
Mrs. Courtney Pignataro Speech pignataro@whitetwpsd.org 344


Classroom Aides

  Cafeteria Aides        
Mrs. Kathy Cavitch   Mrs. Debra Herb
Ms. Marie Chiara   Mrs. Pam Maertens
Ms. Maryann Heroux    
Ms. Marisa Ketchem    
Mrs. Tracy Sheldon    
Mrs. Joan Williams    



Faculty Name
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Email Addresses
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Voice Mail #
Mr. Dave Hartung hartung@whitetwpsd.org 366
Mr. Frank Hoyt    
Mr. Harry Garlick