White Township Consolidated School District
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Faculty and Staff 

PreK - Grade 2 

Faculty Name
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Mrs. Lisa Rosano rosano@whitetwpsd.org 338
Mrs. Krista Schaarschmidt schaarschmidt@whitetwpsd.org 327
Mrs. Cathleen Gerkhardt gerkhardt@ whitetwpsd.org 336
Mrs. Michele Laubach laubach@whitetwpsd.org 341
Miss Melissa Barofski barofski@whitetwpsd.org 301
Mrs. Susan Marsh marsh@whitetwpsd.org 317
Mrs. Alison Walsh walsh@whitetwpsd.org 324

Grade 3 - Grade 5

Faculty Name
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Voice Mail #
Mrs. Katherine Williams williams@whitetwpsd.org 307
Ms. Crystal Garvey garvey@whitetwpsd.org 311
Mrs. Sherry Bellfy bellfy@whitetwpsd.org 305
Mrs. Stephanie Bolen bolen@whitetwpsd.org 339
Mr. Anthony DeCesare decesare@whitetwpsd.org 330
Mrs. Amy Stumpe stumpe@whitetwpsd.org 325
Mrs. Erika Puskas puskas@whitetwpsd.org 342
Mr. Gary Hutchison hutchison@whitetwpsd.org 313
Mrs. Bernadette Sissick sissick@whitetwpsd.org 334
Mrs. Rebecca Dionne dionne@whitetwpsd.org 331
Mrs. Cassandra Baker baker@whitetwpsd.org 321

Grade 6 - Grade 8

Faculty Name
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Email Addresses
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Voice Mail #
Mrs. Nancy Wheatley wheatley@whitetwpsd.org 335
Mrs. Allyson Evans evans@whitetwpsd.org 319
Mr. Henry Skirbst skirbst@whitetwpsd.org 322
Mr. Eric Fraunfelter fraunfelter@whitetwpsd.org 308
Mr. Tadgh LaBar labar@whitetwpsd.org 316
Mrs. Deirdre Mulligan mulligan@whitetwpsd.org 314
Mr. Erik Hawk hawk@whitetwpsd.org 332
Mrs. Kelly Grater grater@whitetwpsd.org 310


Specialist and Other Staff

Faculty Name
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Mrs. Dawn  Werkheiser Technology dmm@whitetwpsd.org 318
Mr. Rich Fischl World Language fischl@whitetwpsd.org 306
Mr. Anthony Marinelli Media Specialist marinelli@whitetwpsd.org 345
Ms. Kenna Pearson Art pearson@whitetwpsd.org 328
Mr. Stewart Quinn Physical Education squinn@whitetwpsd.org  312
Mrs. Margaret Sheneman Music sheneman@whitetwpsd.org  309
Mrs. Melinda Kline Instrumental Music kline@whitetwpsd.org 309
Mrs. Justine Mahon School Nurse mahon@whitetwpsd.org 340
Mrs. Stephanie Quinn Guidance Counselor quinn@whitetwpd.org 320


Classroom Aides

  Cafeteria Aides        
Ms. Maryann Heroux   Mrs. Debra Herb
Mrs. Joan Williams   Mrs. Pam Maertens



Faculty Name
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Email Addresses
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Voice Mail #
Mr. Dave Hartung hartung@whitetwpsd.org 366
Mr. Frank Hoyt    
Mr. Harry Garlick