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Kathy Cavitch

This year I have moved from the classroom to the office and the transition has been great. Over the years I have seen what an amazing job Ingrid has done for me as a parent and as a paraprofessional at WTCSD and I am very happy to be working with her and with Mr. Thompson. 

I have been a resident of White Township for 17 years! Prior to that I lived in Arizona but grew up splitting my time between California and Arizona.  Having moved around a great deal when I was younger and the many career changes I have had over the years have helped me to embrace change and to be flexible and adaptable.  These characteristics have helped me in every aspect of my life and in the classrooms here at WTCSD. 

My background prior to working at WTCSD was in finance and sales and I often fell into the trainer or operations role wherever I was working.  As many of you know, when you have children your lives change…for the BETTER…sometimes crazier…but for the better!  So, when MacKenzie was starting First grade, I left the corporate world and then I became a substitute teacher here at White Township.  To be honest, my decision was motivated by the schedule at first and then I had the greatest experience…I was helping a student and they had an “ah ha moment!”  You know, when you see the light in a child’s eyes change from worry or confusion to excitement and pride!  It is a pretty cool thing to witness, and I was hooked!

This may not have been the story I would have written for myself 20 years ago, but it’s been pretty amazing.  From PreK-8 th grade I have made the rounds and I feel like this new role in the office will still give me the chance to help the educational process for these great kids by helping to support the staff and the administration.