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White Spotlight

Dr. Eric Fraunfelter

Did you ever have another job other than a teacher? What was it? Did you like it?

I had two jobs before I began teaching. My first job (when I was 16) was working maintenance for the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission-Portland, PA. My daily tasks were maintaining the grounds on both sides of the river, PA & NJ. I did things like mow the lawn, weedwack, paint the bridge and bridge plaza, run new electrical conduit for the street lights, jackhammer and replace the potholes on the bridge and sometimes sleep under the pine trees when we were told to get lost for a while. Many of us were sent to the Delaware Water Gap Bridge to complete the same tasks above. My father was a toll bridge employee in Easton and he thought it would be a great first job for me. Eventually, I moved from being a maintenance worker to taking tolls at both the Portland and Delaware Water Gap bridges.

As a Moravian College student the hours at the toll bridge did not coincide with my classes so I began working with my neighbor as a carpenter/contractor. He allowed me to work when I was available. Then, in my junior year of college, my father had his first (of two) major heart operation receiving a new titanium steel heart valve which lasted until 1998, when he received a heart transplant at Temple University Hospital. I moved most of my classes to the late afternoon and evenings so I could be home more to help my father and work with my neighbor. As a carpenter, we built homes, porches, garages, complete remodels and a great deal of concrete work.

What music do you like to listen to? What is your favorite song?

            I did not listen to music very often early on as I much preferred to be outside where cell phones or headphones did not exist, until the invention of the Sony Walkman (I didn’t have a Walkman either). During my high school years and after, I listened mostly to rock, late 80s rock. As an adult I have become a full fledged country music fan but I do enjoy at times listening to 50s music as it reminds me of my father. I do not have a favorite song, but I really like the new country artist Luke Combs. If I had to pick a favorite song it would have to be “Not That Different” by Collin Raye as it was our wedding song. Today, there is nothing better than listening to country music while I am outside working on a beautiful sunny day.

Do you have a pet? What kind & how many?

            My two best friends are my Labrador Retrievers. Molly, 8 years old, is a beautiful yellow lab who has been with us since birth; she was actually born in a whelping box in my dining room as I was remodeling it. She is the daughter of our first lab (Black), Cola, who passed away prematurely with Leukemia. Molly has the best life, she sleeps whenever she wants (usually on the couch next to me), loves to play ball (just don’t say the word out loud) and loves a bone on the porch while I’m out working. Most of all, Molly’s favorite place is our cabin in Potter County where she can swim all day every day. She knows its Potter time when she sees the “Potter Bag” come out of the closet. Sampson, our 3 year old boy & Molly’s son, was born at our home as well. Sampson is black and weighs 92lbs. He copies everything Molly does especially the sleeping. He is lazy when it comes to playing ball as he would rather let his mother retrieve the ball. However, he loves Potter and the water just as much as Molly. Many days they both swim for hours at our cabin and come back to enjoy a nap by the campfire. Any day spent with my two labs is a GREAT day!!

            I live in Bangor, PA with my wife, Stephanie, of almost 25 years and our three daughters. Olivia, 23, is in her second year of law school and recently passed her test to be a professional baseball agent. Natalie, 22, is a recent college graduate with a business-marketing degree and is employed with a Fortune 250 company. Grace, will be 17 in early December and is looking forward to entering college early to play field hockey and become a veterinarian.