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White Spotlight


White Spotlight for February- Mrs. Allyson Evans

I am honored to be selected as the spotlighted teacher.   Receiving acknowledgement and recognition for my hard work, devotion, and life’s goal to make a difference in the lives of students is priceless.  My passion is not only learning, but facilitating deeper engagement with material and allowing it to expand students’ perspectives. 

Though education has always been central to my life, my journey has been varied.  I worked in the business field in medical educational publishing and as a trainer and educator for managers.  Sixteen years ago, I returned to elementary education and have treasured every minute.  While teaching, I returned to school for my master’s in special education with a concentration in reading.  I found that the use of reading aloud in class is related to students’ reading fluency and comprehension.  At this point in my life after teaching for more than fourteen years, I could not imagine a career doing anything else. 

I strive to be an adaptive teacher of English Language Arts so that every student may find their passion in reading, and I hope that through my passion I am a role model for young people.  The overall goal in English Language Arts is to teach, guide, and support students in reaching their utmost capability in communicating through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking.  It is a life skill in which people are constantly engaged at home, school, sports, hobbies, and activities.  These values are reflected in my teaching as I often relate the skills and content we are studying to real-life scenarios and provide rational for applying it. 

Not only are my pets and animal stories my therapy, I also use them to connect with the students and, often times, amuse them.   They know well Little Biggy (also known as, “The Monster”) who is a black kitten and has not stopped moving since we received him as a gift in August from my daughters.  (They did not want my husband and me to be lonely while they are both away at college.)  Jake, our 100-pound Borador (mix between a Black Labrador and a Border Collie) was supposed to be our “sailing dog.”  The only problem is Jake appears to be what we call a, “Dry Lab,” who must be coaxed into the water so that he can pretend to swim.  Potato, our eight-year-old gray cat, insists on joining Jake and me each morning for our walk.  Rain or snow, Potato is there and becomes highly insulted if we go without him.       

In my spare time, you may find me sailing or hiking at local reservoirs with my family, gardening or playing tennis.  In winter, I absolutely appreciate the snow and enjoy skiing. 

  In general, regardless of recognition, I have always felt a drive to impact others’ lives positively. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do just that through teaching and learning from students at White Township.  My greatest wish is that every student is able to perform to their potential.  I begin each day anxious for the children to arrive and embark on a new day of exploration and learning.  I relish every day!