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White Spotlight

Mrs. Laubach

When did you decide to become a teacher? Why?

When I was in elementary school I would come home from school and pretend my room was a classroom. I had a chalkboard in my room and would teach an imaginary class. So, I would have to say that I have always wanted to be a teacher! When I worked in the nursery at church and helped teach Sunday School, I realized that it was my passion, because I loved working with the children so much.

If you were not a teacher what would you be?
How does a vanilla cupcake filled with white chocolate mousse sound? Or a chocolate cupcake filled with raspberry mousse, frosted with dark chocolate icing? Or a spice cupcake with whipped cream filling and cream cheese frosting? I love to bake. When my children were younger, I loved baking and decorating special cakes for their birthdays in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from cars and tractors to Disney princesses. I love to experiment with and tweak recipes, so if I were not a teacher, I would open my own cupcake bakery.

Do you like snow? What is your favorite thing to do in the snow? Why?
I still love snow days! There is a certain excitement that begins to grow when the forecast calls for snow. I teach my first graders a snow dance and it is the most important homework assignment when snow is called for. I love to walk with my dog while the snow is falling and the world is being covered in a blanket of white, before the plows come and clean the street. Sometimes I stop for a selfie or have a snowball fight with the dog!

Do you have a pet? What kind and how many?
Who is always loyal, always happy, and always loves to spend time with you? A dog! I love dogs, and I have always had one since I was a little girl. I would take them for walks, chat with them, and hang out with them on the farm. I now have two: a Golden Retriever named Misty who has been a loyal protector of my family, and last year we got a Bernese Mountain Dog called Bailey. Bailey was supposed to be our new protector, big and strong with a mean bark, but she cowers behind me instead! She is lovable and goofy and makes us laugh a lot!